Gametion and its affiliated entities strictly adhere to the principles of Free-to-Play gaming and abstain from any involvement in real-money gaming activities. At Gametion, our paramount commitment is to guarantee a consistently fair gaming experience for every participant. We hold transparency and integrity in the highest regard, principles that are underscored in our policy.

This is to certify that iTech Labs has evaluated the Random Number Generator (RNG) by Gametion Global Technologies PTE LTD and found that the RNG complies with the relevant standards.

The RNG uses a well-known algorithm to generate random numbers. The numbers generated by this RNG have passed Marsaglia's "diehard" tests for statistical randomness.

iTech Labs has also conducted scaling tests for Ludo King.

The scaling tests were conducted on large enough samples to give the calculations sufficient statistical power.

iTech Labs has found that the number are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed. The certified code for the RNG has been fingerprinted.

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