Ludo City

Welcome to Ludo City™ - the ultimate combined fun of classic Ludo and city-building for mobile and tablet. Gametion Global conceived it as a Ludo game for global players enhancing it with city building fun. One of its kind, Ludo City is an online multiplayer Ludo board game to play with friends and players online.

A delightful blend of Ludo & City Building!

Ludo City brings the timeless fun of online Ludo board gaming allowing players to enjoy multiplayer Ludo with friends and opponents from around the world. Showcase your strategic moves, earn bricks with each victorious match, and take up the exciting task of constructing a breathtaking city!

The game entices players in a thrilling chase & capture race of Ludo tokens with every turn to outperform opponents and lead towards building a dream city. The completion is challenging yet fun which ultimately leads players to build a city with state-of-the-art facilities.

Ludo City is played with modified rules of Ludo which makes the game more gratifying. Players can roll the dice and make calculated moves strategically to succeed in every match. Ludo City gives you ample opportunities to win matches, build businesses and develop a glorious city to rise as an ultimate Ludo City champion. Ludo City is truly a cross-country Ludo board game.

Option to choose between Classic & Quick modes!

City Features
  • Build a Ludo park for people to have leisurely fun
  • Build an exotic Resort for the citizens to experience the plush lifestyle
  • Open a University for aspiring students!
  • Construct a Library for readers
  • Open a Water Park for limitless fun
  • Build food outlets like ice cream parlors, burger shops, etc.

The Ludo City Gameplay

Ludo City has four playing modes:
  • 2-player online multiplayer matches
  • 4-player online multiplayer battles
  • Play with friends - Connect and play with friends
  • Pass and Play - offline multiplayer

Players have to utilize coins to play Ludo matches across different lobbies, earning bricks as a reward upon winning. Further, they have to utilize these bricks to construct the city while also earning coins that can be used to further play the game. Players have to raid the neighboring cities with the help of pirates and acquire more coins.

Featuring captivating gameplay, visually stunning graphics, and an immersive audio-visual experience, Ludo City transports players into a world of board game-led township building experience.